Who is 15WestSt@gmail.com?

15WestSt@gmail.com is Andrew Langer

Immediately after the last Maryland GOP Executive Committee meeting an email went out to reporters, bloggers, and Republican officials from 15westst@gmail.com supporting embattled MDGOP Chairman Jim Pelura and attacking MDGOP 1st Vice-Chair Chris Cavey and candidate for governor Mike Pappas.

Until today 15WestSt was anonymous.

Numerous sources in Republican circles have confirmed Andrew Langer is the author of the email. The text of the email also echos much of what Andrew Langer has said to individuals around the state after the meeting.

Mr. Langer is a relatively new Maryland resident who works in DC and lives in Queen Anne’s County. He is actively involved in the Charles Lollar campaign (for who knows what now) and MDGOP Chairman Jim Pelura appointed Andrew Chairman of the MDGOP Commission on Environmental Solutions.

Why would Mr. Langer write this email? Well, he has long been a Pelura supporter, not necessarily because he thinks Jim is doing a good job, but because he sees his own influence directly attached to Jim remaining in office. Also, Mr. Langer views Chris Cavey and Chuck Gast as threats to his own future goals. Why would he attack Mike Pappas in the email, well at that time it was thought that Charles Lollar and Mike Pappas would be battling in the 2010 gubernatorial primary.

Much criticism has been leveled by Chairman Pelura supporters about the leaks to the press. It is interesting that one of his biggest supporters is one of the biggest leakers.

Here is the full text of the email sent by 15westst@gmail.com:

On Saturday the Republican Executive Committee passed a resolution of no confidence in Chairman Pelura by a vote of 20-10.

However there is not any immediate impact of the resolution. Pelura told the meeting he had no intention in resigning.

Under the by-laws, only a full vote of the entire state Central Committee at a convention can remove the Chairman, and a two-thirds vote is required. Counties representing a potential weighted vote of about 50% at a convention opposed the resolution, including Anne Arundel, Caroline, Carroll, Cecil, Charles, Montgomery, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s, Wicomico and Worcester. The other counties and all the officers voted except Pelura for the resolution. Pelura did not vote.

The Committee rebuked candidate for Governor Mike Pappas on several occasions. Pappas was representing Baltimore County because Chris Cavey votes as First Vice Chair. First Pappas attempted to prevent Pelura from presiding at the meeting as Chairman. This effort was defeated. Later Pappas attempted to close off discussion, although Charles County Chairman Charles Lollar was attempting to be recognized. The Committee voted down the Pappas resolution and Lollar was given a chance to speak.

Repeated criticism was also directed at First Vice Chairman Chris Cavey for his press comments criticizing Pelura. Some members called on him to resign if Pelura remained as Chairman.


7 Responses

  1. Why not just come out and identify yourself if you want to make an accusation.

    trmckeldin = Chuck Gast..

  2. Who really is 15West@gmail.com?

    It certainly is not Andrew Langer. He wasn’t even at the meeting. Sharon Carrick represented Queen’s Anne County. The detail in 15West’s email had to come from someone actually in the meeting.

    The content of the email contains the key to understanding 15 West’s motives:

    1. 15West is certainly not a Pelura supporter. What is the point of a Pelura supporter rushing to the press to announce a 20-10 vote against their man?
    2. 15West is someone who to play up the dissatisfaction with Chris Cavey’s love of publicity without getting quoted himself.
    3. 15West is someone who wants to highlight the Cavey’s allegiance to Mike Pappas as a way of undermining Cavey with the Ehrlich crowd. (Think they want to get burned twice with their choice of Chairman? Ever compare Ehrlich’s 2002 and 2006 Baltimore County numbers? Cavey dropped the ball.)
    4. 15West is someone who want to play up the fact that the chances of getting the two-thirds votes to remove Jim Pelura are remote as long as Chris Cavey is the likely replacement. It is not secret that many pro-Pelura votes are really anti-Cavey ones.
    5. 15West. is someone who wants it known that, of the four largest counties, only Baltimore County, supports removing Pelura. That does not sound like someone from the Shore. It does sound like someone who wants people looking for an alternative that can get those votes, such as from Anne Arundel.

    Could trmckeldin and 15West be the same person? Trying to guess who it is a nice way to repeat the 15West content again.

    Now take a look again at trmckeldin’s post fingering Andrew Langer as 15West:

    “Mr. Langer views Chris Cavey and Chuck Gast as threats to his own future goals.”

    Before reading that, who thought 15 West had anything to do with Chuck Gast or that Langer cared that much about Chuck Gast?

    Calling Chuck Gast. – Is it getting hot in here?

    Or as Chris Cavey likes to say “There is trouble in paradise.”

    If you think about it, the 15West email is a pretty transparent attempt to advance a Chick Gast candidacy for State Chairman at the expense of both Jim Pelura and Chris Cavey.

    • I don’t know whether this post was authored by Chuck Gast, Chris Cavey, or Frank Kratovil. Don’t really care.

      What I do care about is a friend of mine (Andrew Langer) being dragged through the mud without any evidence. Poor form guys.

      I’m no Pelura fan, but this whole show smacks of a set-up by somebody. While I deplore Pelura’s actions re: Justin Ready, they were within his authority. Pelura’s not the moron (or should I say morons) who drew up Maryland’s party plan. Since the SUPPOSED purpose of the meeting was for Pelura to explain his actions, there was no reason for him not to chair the meeting. IF those involved had been honest and had called an Exec meeting on their own, with this so-called “confidence vote” on the agenda, then Pelura would have been wrong to chair the meeting.

      The more I delve into this matter, the more convinced I am that the last thing on the minds of those leading the MDGOP is WINNING ELECTIONS. I’m trying to withhold judgment, but it sounds like we’re dealing with a bunch of sheep led by a few power hungry cowards to me.

      For the authors – Overall this is pretty interesting stuff, albeit inside baseball. Also notice that I’m using my real name. Next time you want to accuse someone of something, MAN UP.

  3. I’d like to know who’s hair will be pulled next on the playground of MD politics?

    Grow up ladies and Gentlemen! There is a bigger battle we should be focusing on. The MD Dem’s are laughing on the sidelines as they watch our party self destruct.
    We need to pick ourselves up from our latest defeat and pull together as a party.
    Enough of the finger pointing and playground shenanigans.

    • fed up – Thanks for stopping by.

      I agree the Democrats are laughing at the Republicans. I wish there weren’t items this embarrassing for us to write about.

      Hope you stop by again soon.

  4. Then why stoop to this level of reporting or Journalism? Aren’t you just as bad as they are?
    I’m just sayin’.

    – Heather May.

  5. The GOP actually HAS a party in Martyland? Could have fooled me!

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