Eastern Shore protester “hangs” Kratovil

They like to get serious down on the shore.  When it comes to the government meddling with certain “inalienable” rights like healthcare, some folks get a little crazy. Take this man

H/T to Joe Albero of SBYNews who posted the following gem on his site:

Eastern Shore protester gets "real" - courtesy Joe Albero/SBYNews

Eastern Shore protester gets "real" - courtesy Joe Albero/SBYNews

Albero, hardly a wilting daisy when it comes to political opinions, called out the amateur craftsman and anyone else looking to make a similar statement:

I firmly believe in any one’s first amendment rights. However, there comes a time when that right is abused and IMHO this is one of them.

To The Kratovil Family, my apologies for posting this image but it had to be done and these people had to be called out for their actions.

This little stunt went national this week and has only helped Frank Kratovil in the process. Protestors like these accomplish the exact opposite of what they intend. 

Healthcare reform deserves a vigorous debate, but these actions are inexcusable. 

Apparently, Americans For Prosperity anti-tax protesters joined in the festivities, but AFP denounced the action, according to Politico.


2 Responses

  1. It’s too bad this overshadowed a very good protest by about 30 folks.

    • Michael – you have a great blog. Thanks for stopping by.

      I am all for lively debate but we can all agree this guy crossed the line and stained everyone who was protesting with him.

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