Will the RNC Bailout the MDGOP?

Republicans have been railing recently about government bailouts, so it seems almost too pertinent to ask:  “Will the RNC bail out the MDGOP?”

Chairman Pelura recently made a request to the Republican National Committee to help with its continuing problems paying down debt. Basically Chairman Pelura asked the RNC for a bailout.

Ever since Jim Pelura took control of the party, immediately after the 2006 elections, they have been running on debt: starting with  a $100,000 line of credit opened in 2007.

Mr. Pelura’s problems are well-documented, not the least of which are state legislators who hold no faith in him. GOP activists well-know that it was Pelura who cancelled/”delayed” a candidate-training for 2010 because of his bunker-mentality.

The Maryland Republican Party (MDGOP) is currently $50,000-60,000 in debt not including the $75,000+ the party has been ordered by the Maryland State Board of Elections to return to Michael Steele’s state campaign account.

This month the MDGOP dipped into its line of credit to pay staff salaries. The party is basically broke.

With RNC Chairman Michael Steele from Maryland, it will be interesting to see if he shows preferential treatment to a party organization in his home state.

Will Michael Steele bailout the Maryland Republican Party or will he allow it to continue to flounder under Pelura’s lackluster fundraising?


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