Ehrlich’s Data Grab

The Kendell and Bob Ehrlich show website on WBAL has a petition you can sign to fight against healthcare reform (or keep big government out of medicine closet, whichever you prefer.)

Kendell, Bob and team (Henry Fawell, Greg Massoni and Paul Schurick) are smart folks. They know they could just as well keep mush-mouthing every Saturday morning and have the same effect without bothering you for your personal information, but then again, why not get some info on folks.

Question, what will Kendell and Bob do with those email addresses?

The answer, probably use them if he runs for Governor.

Call it the Barack Obama model. When the Obama campaign told everyone to sign up for text messages to find out who his pick for vice president would be, they picked up hundreds of thousands of phone numbers. So what did they do with those numbers once Joe Biden was picked?? Purge them?? Certainly not.

A couple of questions come to mind:

Who owns those email addresses?

Can Kendell and Bob legally use them in a gubernatorial campaign?

Would they have to pay WBAL for the names or would WBAL Radio have to make a contribution to the campaign?

The answers to these questions are not immediately clear. Surely, O’Malley guys will look into it thoroughly and make a big fuss if the Ehrlichs do something wrong.

It is a wise move on the part of the Ehrlichs. And it is just one more sign Ehrlich is definitely running for Gov.


One Response

  1. Of course Ehrlich wants to run again. His wife wants her old job back at Comcast, and David Hamilton needs to line up some new business.

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