The Sun confirms “Will the RNC Bailout the MDGOP” post

Monday our own TR McKeldin posted “Will the RNC Bailout the MDGOP” breaking the news that MDGOP Chairman Jim Pelura has asked the RNC for help (ie a bailout) to get out of its mountain of debt.

Today Laura Smitherman at the Baltimore Sun has a news story up with quotes from MDGOP Chairman Jim Pelura confirming he has asked the RNC for financial help.

Glad to see the Main Stream Media reads our blog.


One Response

  1. How will the rest of the Republican party feel about this?

    Chairman Steele will bail out the Maryland GOP with RNC funds, then the Maryland GOP will turn around and give the RNC money Steele gave them to Steele’s personal campaign committee.

    Perhaps it would be easier to ask Sandy Roberts to give back some of the $417,000 Mr. Ehrlich and Mr. Steele paid him from four different state and federal campaign accounts they controlled (including the MD GOP federal account) in the final weeks of their last campaign.

    – Lebowitz

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