What’s Jack Johnson Running for?

The Washington Post’s “Maryland Moment” blog has a great scoop.

Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson is “very much, definitely” considering a run for statewide office.

The County Executive is term limited in 2010 from seeking office again.

Wagner also provides these tidbits:

Johnson said he has been raising money, and plans to embark on a statewide listening tour after Labor Day to “see what interest there is” in him running.

Johnson said his tour will include visits to the Eastern Shore and the Baltimore region, and that he “should have a good feel” by November of whether he’ll throw his hat in the ring.

Asked if he was considering a run for governor, he said he’d “just stick with ‘statewide office’ ” as his answer, implicitly declining to rule out a challenge to incumbent Gov. Martin O’Malley (D).

Back in February, Jack Johnson had floated this idea to the Gazette Editorial Board but he had been pretty quiet since then.

As an African American candidate, Johnson should be able to count on the African American community as  a strong base in a Democratic primary. When you add in that his home base is in PG County and the Greater Washington Suburbs of Montgomery and Charles (which make up nearly half the Democratic Primary vote), Johnson could be a serious contender.


One Response

  1. Have we not learned anything with the failure of THIS O’Malley administration? He did such a great job in Baltimore we elevated him to Gov.

    PG county is in WORSE shape than Baltimore and people want to elevate Johnson?

    Just how stupid are we?

    Why not elect Currie to a statewide position?

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