Cardin Town Hall

The news and blogosphere is being dominated by the town hall Senator Ben Cardin held last night at Towson University.

Here are some of the best links for info on the event:

Missed the town hall, no sweat (literally you would not have been sweating anywhere near as much as those present). You can watch the entire town hall on C-SPAN HERE

News Coverage:

WBAL Radio has audio quotes from people on both sides

Baltimore Sun says “Opponents Dominate Town Hall Meeting”

Towson Times has a great photo of the lined street and very neutral almost pro-reform “Scores turn out for Cardin Town Hall”

Fox News picked up the AP Story

ABC2News in Baltimore “Protestors Rally Against Health Care Reform”

Baltimore Business Journal “Cardin, public, spar over health reform”

Blogs Coverage:

Think Progress got in on it “Protests at Cardin Town Hall Feature AFP Book, ‘Death Panel’ Warnings, and Obama-Hitler Signs”

Michelle Malkin “Overflow Crowd at Cardin Town Hall”

RedMaryland has multiple posts: this one by Dr. Richard Vatz and this one by Mark Newgent

Joe Albero at SBYNews had lots of Photos

GA Harrison on Delmarva Dealings “Ben Cardin Recruits Help from ACORN SEIU”

The Jawa Report “Sire, the People are Revolting”

For those looking ahead, The Baltimore Sun is preparing an editorial criticizing the health care protesters.


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