McDonough for Gov? Not so much

Delegate Pat McDonough R-7 announced on WCBM radio this week that he was considering running for Governor. This just adds another office to the long list he has said he was “considering” since 2006. First it was the Senate seat being vacated by Andy Harris, then the County Executive race, and now a race for Governor. Next thing you know he will be talking about making a trip to Iowa…

GA Harrison over at RedMaryland has a good conservative response to McDonough considering the race.

Pat McDonough is a one-trick pony – Illegal Immigration. He even had Tom Tancredo do a fundraiser for him earlier this year – need this author say more?

Delegate McDonough is not a credible candidate. This author’s assessment is that he probably just wanted to get his name in the news again which he accomplished. Delegate McDonough makes a good delegate and should probably stay there.

One interesting question does come to mind: Will Pat be able to keep his radio show on WCBM or will he have to give it up? Wouldn’t allowing him to continue to get all of that airtime to promote himself and his candidacy be a campaign contribution from the station itself? I guess the same question can be asked about the Ehrlich’s on WBAL. Will they have to give up their show?


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