Maryland worth fighting for – except when it’s not

If you were to visit former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s website you wouldn’t find many interesting items, but one thing stuck out.

On the homepage it says next to a picture of the former gov, “Our Maryland, Always worth fighting for.”

Question: If the former gov thinks Maryland is always worth fighting for then why has he been so hesitant to declare his candidacy?

The former gov hasn’t always been so focused on fighting for Maryland. Shortly after the 2006 election the former gov was not talking so glowing about the future of Maryland. The Washington Post reported “Ehrlich said “a return to public life is unlikely,” given Maryland’s lurch to the left Tuesday.”

After his first ever electoral loss, it should come as no surprise that the former governor was depressed. Obviously time has healed some of the wounds.

Phrases like “always worth fighting for” shows the good money is on Ehrlich running again, though no one knows whether he can actually win. If he does run, it should make for a much more interesting race.


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