A new tax in an election year?

State Senator Richard Madaleno wants to impose a new tax in an election year.

The Gazette reports:

Madaleno said last week that he will refile the bill, which would allow Comptroller Peter V.R. Franchot to collect sales taxes from Maryland affiliates of Amazon and similar online retailers in the state.

The move could generate $7.5 million annually for the state and help plug a multimillion-dollar budget gap next year, Madaleno said.

Governor O’Malley is being forced to trim the state budget by about $400 million and $7.5 million seems like a drop in the bucket.

The cost Democrats would pay is much greater than the benefit they would receive. From a publicity perspective, do the Democrats really want to raise taxes again, especially in an election year?

Should this new tax pass, each and every news story will not only mention how Democrats are raising taxes, but they will also remind voters of Gov. O’Malley’s billion dollar tax increase in 2007.

If the Democrats are smart, they will oppose this tax because the cost politically is far greater than the benefit.


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